Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Gurdjieff - self-titled 7" EP (Night Gallery Records, 1985)


Side A
Optical Illusion

Side B
Animal Language

As far as I know, this is the only recording from "The Gurdjieff" outside of their/his/her appearance on the "Individual Music Osaka" cassette book released by Yuzuru Agi after the dissolution of Vanity Records. Released on the very odd Night Gallery label (run by guitarist of Auschwitz, I think), that also released Yoran, Duppi, and others before switching entirely to heavy metal. A strange trajectory...

The Gurdjieff is especially bizarre, skirting the line between morose minimal synth and all-out electro-industrial noise. The phrase "Maurizio Bianchi in Dracula's castle" is strangely applicable. Back cover has "THANKS TO NORMAL•B" printed underneath the song titles. I wasn't sure if that was a direct reference to Normal Brain (from Vanity Records) until I noticed a Texas Instruments Speak & Spell buried in the mix on "Oratorio". Not to be missed. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

One of the singles by Portray Heads, which I haven't heard, is titled "Oratorio", so I wonder if there is some connection there.

c.patera said...

I suppose it's possible. Gurdjieff was from Osaka and Portray Heads were probably from somewhere around Nishinomiya, putting the two pretty close.