Friday, November 12, 2010

Bachikaburi - Ichi-ryu 7" EP (Nagomu, 1985)


Side A
Only You
彼岸 Higan (Nirvana)

Side B
稲荷 Inari (Inari)
苦行 Kugyo (Penance)
 返答(貧困)Hentou(Hinkon) Answer(Poverty)

While this is technically the second record I've posted from Nagomu Records (the other was Picky Picnic's Lovely Water Peaceful), I'd say this is the first to really demonstrate the Nagomu aesthetic. If you don't know, Nagomu was founded by Kera, the singer of the subsequently successful group Uchouten. The label quickly established a distinct sound and became somewhat of a phenomenon, even spawning it's own fashion movement in the form of the Nagomu-gal look, a colorful, bohemian style. Though trendy, the label cultivated a fairly bizarre trademark. Bachikaburi here illustrate perfectly the manic punk-rock idiocy prevalent in much of Nagomu's early catalog.


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Side A
1,Only You
2,彼岸 Higan (Nirvana)

Side B
1,稲荷 Inari (Inari)
2,苦行 Kugyo (Penance)
3,返答(貧困)Hentou(Hinkon) Answer(Poverty)

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yeah, this is great stuff