Saturday, March 31, 2012

C. Memi - Heavenly Peace (Fairy Records, 1982)

"Heavenly Peace" is the whimsical sophomore release of C. Memi. Following her shared debut with Neo Matisse (described as "that famous 'No Chocolate'-single" in "The Hijokaidan story"), we are presented with five pretty darn disparate tracks held together by some kind of magical antimatter.

Opening track "Ishin-Denshin" is perhaps the weirdest of the bunch. The ticking of a drum machine coupled with somewhat ham-fisted post-punk/DIY style drumming forms the foundation of the song; sounding at least slightly reminiscent of a cat coughing up a hairball. Add a reverb-soaked flute playing a hazy melody through a fairytale forest and astonishingly dry and unemotional vocals and this stew of singular confusion is complete.

Two transitional tracks follow - "C'est un Chanson" is a chanson-ey (who whould've guessed?) and unfortunately pretty snooze-worthy affair. The cute piano and music box bagatelle "For Monster of Dr. Frankenstein" fares better, though perhaps mainly because of its brevity.

The weirdness resumes with the jingle-like "Hitokichi". Sounding like a commercial for an extraterrestial soda or something, "Hitokichi" is a strange melange of ultra-processed vocals, droning basswork and white noise drum snares.

Memi leaves us with the magnificent title track and it's soothening swathes of synth pads punctuated by sparkles of cosmic sound-shrapnel. A perfectly serene way to close off the EP, with just a slight sentimental touch. Real nice.


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THANK YOU! I'm looking for Sodom's 12'' Material Flower, could you help? bye

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I think at least one of us has that!


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This is great! I wish there was more!

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Hi,please re-upload.Many thanks!

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