Monday, April 2, 2012

Commune - Will/I Can't Believe 7" (Autonomy, 1979)

Side A

Side B
I Can't Believe

Skritch-scratchy post-punk trio from Osaka, 2 members of which would later form Aunt Sally with vocalist Phew. Pretty fun single with punk-funk rhythms and constipated vocals (thanks to nattliga_toner for that apt description).


ECno8 said...

oh, by the way, nattliga toner just mention on my wantlist that you may have a copy of the pianasist single.. if that's the case i would humbly like to make a request for that. i do believe the quote on my want list is "i will kill babies for this". so.. yeah. here's to hoping!

c.patera said...

Yes, I have both Panasist singles. I'll post some stuff by them soon!


ECno8 said...

*droooooooooool* i didn't even know they had TWO. just saw the one on ebay a month or so ago but it went for more than i could spare at the time. that was the first i had heard of them. soooo good