Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chiko Hige x Kaoru Sato - Le Chant De La Honte! 12" (Telegraph, 1985)

Chiko Hige of original no-wavers Friction meets Vanity Records alumnus and indies super-producer Kaoru Sato for a bout of sub-zero, fourth-world dub and more.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Real Fish - テナン LP (Invitation, 1985)

First album by this instrumental technopop unit with connections to Shi-Shonen and others. The a-side of this disc is thoroughly technopop, while the b-side gets orchestral... and a bit schmaltzy. Real maniacs like me will perversely enjoy the b-side, but I think the a-side is pretty stellar, including one mega-jam in the form of By Me. One of the best technopop songs ever, if you ask me!

Taiji - Musique Concrete 8" flexi (胎内レーベル, 1983)

I was recently informed that one of my favorite flexis has been posted over at the great blog, The Soundhead. Super bizarre and syrupy industrial darkwave, like a surrealist Dendö Marionette! Check it out by clicking the link.