Friday, July 5, 2013

Daisuck & Prostitute - 死ぬまで踊りつづけて LP (Japan Records, JAL-15)

This had been posted on Mutant-Sounds back in the day, but I assume links for this are scarce now.
Daisuck & Prostitute was the brainchild of Yoshino Daisaku, who had been releasing records since at least the mid 70s. This is straight-up no-wave. Constantly scratchy guitars, throbbing bass, and skronkin' sax. Admittedly, many Japanese bands were doing this in the 80s, but Daisuck & Prostitute might be the best. Beautiful album cover by Kikuji Yamashita, too.

Picky Picnic - Kuru Kuru World (1989)

By request, here is the 3rd and final full-length by Picky Picnic. It's basically the "Cynical Hysteria World" 2x7" plus a few more tracks. I think well-known animator Kiriko Kubo is an official member of the band at this point, and they are even on a major label. It is therefore a bit less whacked out than their previous work, but should appease all you Picnickers out there.