Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tolerance - Today's Thrill flexi (Vanity Records, 1980)


Side A
Today's Thrill

With this beautiful blue flexi-disc let me welcome you to STALKING DUPPI. I'll be posting a lot of Japanese "Indies" (80's underground) groups, so stay tuned. If you recognize the blog name, you've come to the right place...

For some background on this flexi, I recommend you take a minute to read Dave Knapik's Vanity Records overview at his blog. You'll notice he's linked everything but the flexis... something I hope to change here at SD.

True to the Tolerance m.o. (and that of Vanity Records in general), this is 5 and a half minutes of muted thump, acoustic-or-electronic? rustle, nearly inaudible female vocals, and meandering synthesizer. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link to my post as well as, of course, posting the flexi! Please do try to find the rest and, if you do, let me know.

I've updated my post to link here.


Anonymous said...

Very interested in the stuff on the blog and what you will be posting in the future thank you!!!

Robert said...

Hi, I just discovered your blog yesterday and have been merrily delving ever since. I just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing me to hear so much truly astonishing music which I seriously didn't think I'd ever get to hear.

So many ideas here, so many elements that I wouldn't have thought would work together, yet somehow they not only do work, they raise the bar.

For some time to come, I'll be digesting this music in a state of happy bewilderment.

Again, thank you so much.

the saucer people said...

Just worked my way backwards through your posts and as it was hearing the Vanity Records label releases on Mutant Sounds and Atlantis Audio blog that really got me into late 70s and early 80s Japanese experimental post-punk electronic music it is perhaps fitting you posted one of their ultra-rare flexi discs as your first post.

Really enjoy your blog, your enthusiasm and knowledge for this kind of music is clearly evident! I now have a stack of releases that I am really looking forward to sir, are a star!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the links current