Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wha-Ha-Ha / Sakata Orchestra split 7" (Better Days Records, 1981)


Side A
Wha-Ha-Ha - Onna De Yokota

Side B
Sakata Orchestra - Wha-Ha-Ha Ondo

This is one of the more obscure records from the art-pop-prog-jazz nutzoid group Wha-Ha-Ha, here backed with Sakata Orchestra, virtually the same band as far as I can tell. Imagine a Picky Picnic with serious chops and you're almost there.


ECno8 said...

it seems there is no link? download. isn't linked like the rest of the posts.

c.patera said...

should be fixed now. thanks for letting me know.

ru_galochkin said...

hi there!
thank you for this rare stuff!
but can u upload this one:
thank u anyway!

c.patera said...

thanks for your comment. i do have the "4 o'clock" LP, so i'll try to get it on here as soon. it's not as bizarre as any of the wha-ha-ha records, but it's a great and wild jazz album.

a-g said...

cool. ty.