Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pale Cocoon - 黄金時代 7" picture disc (Pafe, 1984)


Side A
Side B

More gauzy, blurry melancholy from the great Pale Cocoon, this time on a pretty cool looking picture disc (sorry hi-fi fans). I think it's just as brilliant as the Secret Sounds 10" I posted earlier. 黄金時代 is a glittering, cosmic shoegazer with a weird sort of constant tinnitus effect to it as the song warps and swells. Side B's 街燈 ramps up the morose factor with a similarly warbling piano and synth piece. Definitely check this out of you enjoyed Secret Sounds or the Funeral Party 7" over at Habit of Sex.


nattliga_toner said...

One of the most brilliant singles to emerge from Japan. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo! Never mind the awful mix by Mal (he made an equally shitty mix on the Gilles de Rais 7") and the low mastering - this stuff kicks major ass!

Anonymous said...

Damn; yeah really excellant, particularly side B....
I was unaware of Pale Cocoon - thank you for the heads up - a real discovery for me.

I was wondering if i could make another request with you and Nattliga after you fulfilled my wishes to hear the Momoyo stuff (which is still on heavy rotation with me!)
Im affter the work of Dendo Marionette -
I thought they had a full lp as well but I'm not completely sure...
I'm also after a dark wave/minimal acts, 7" from the 1980's that i know virtually nothing about (including if its any good) by a duo called ModelT (ekk no other info im afraid) -
i was recommended it as a bit of a Japanese John Foxx feeling...

Thanks as always for the work!!! really great stuff....!


c.patera said...


good to hear from you again.
ah, yes, Dendo Marionette. what little i've heard of them (they appear on compilations) is great, but that particular 7" tends to be very expensive, so i haven't obtained it yet. there's a particular CD compilation that includes them and other bands whose original 7"s go for big bucks, so i'm thinking some jerk DJ showed his buddies and now that stuff is too expensive for me, haha!
as for ModelT... i've never heard of that group, sorry!
keep checking the blogs, more stuff for you to enjoy is on the way.


nattliga_toner said...

Hey Rus!

Heh, funny you should mention Dendo Marionette and Model-T ...two of my MAJOR wants. As far as I know, Dendo Marionette released a square 8" flexi and appeared on a compilation (can't remember which one just now), as well as being featured on that jerk-DJ CD, haha.

Model-T is even more obscure, a single sided flexi is probably all that exist. I heard a sample long ago ...can't really remember exactly what it sounded like, but I do recall that I liked it. I actually had the opportunity to get it a while ago ...but for various reasons (read: monetary reasons) it found another home.

Anonymous said...

Hello to you both! Ah cheers for the info...
yeah the prices for the Dendo Marionette "7 are, yes, a little absurd.... Ah the tagline Minimal Synth does wonders...
The Search Continues then alas...

Okay whilst i have your attention though im going to make a couple more requests!
both of these are slighly outside of the excellant stuff you post (a bit more pop perhaps, but with lots of analogue synths) but i think you two are probably the only ones to help me!

So Chris Mosdell "Equasian" (1982) - im sure you guys know him, he wrote alot of the lyrics for Y.M.O and the early Yukihiro Takahashi solo stuff. - the album features Yu Imai, Hideki Matsutake etc.... unforunelty the samples on that website give me no
real sense of how those tracks are going to develop, but I'm very intrigued to hear this minor missing chapter of the overall Y.M.O centered synth movement...

the other is a new wave artist; Takumi with the album 'Meat The Beat" from 1983 .

thank you for everything, and thanks for the new P Model post , it is one i do not have; thanks again!


c.patera said...


sorry to strike out again, but i don't have either of those.
i'm sort of saving the YMO-related stuff for later. i guess it's an "i know it's going to be there when i return" type attitude.
about Takumi... it's the same Takumi that did the "Fragments of Time" 12"? i don't have "Meat the Beat", but I might be able to get it... gimme some time...


nattliga_toner said...

Yeah, it's the same Takumi. I've got a promotional 7" for "Meat The Beat", but not the LP itself.
Some dude put all of it up on YouTube though ( Some brilliant tunes for sure ("Days of Romance" and "Mein Schatz" in particular) ...but some pretty horrible stuff too ("Myron" , "Tokyoite").

Anonymous said...

Myron is amazing(this blog's my best friend)tokyoite is hard to get thru.