Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pablo Picasso - Soft Type LP (Telegraph Records, 1983)

Side A
内側の歌 Part 1

Side B
内側の歌 Part 2
Not Movin'

Following the 7" I posted earlier, here's the brilliant and only LP from this cacophonous Tokyo no-wave trio. Super dubbed out and effects-laden scrawl somewhere between The Pop Group's Y and PiL's Metal Box. The production on this one is so 'out there' at times, it had me checking the insert to see if it was produced by Kaoru Sato (it wasn't). Amazing stuff!


ECno8 said...

words can not express how awesome this blog is. especially all the nagomu stuff over the last two months.. been searching for that stuff so hard.

c.patera said...

thanks for the kind words!
judging by the download figures, you're not alone in liking the nagomu stuff. actually, a lot of that stuff is a cheaper and easier to find than what I usually post here, but it turns up on discogs/ebay less often. try checking with some japanese record stores if you are interested in physical copies.
that being said, expect some more nagomu releases posted VERY soon!


Ryan said...

This blog is great and super timely. I was wondering if you have anything in a similar vein of Mariah's Utakata No Hibi.

I've also been trying to find 三国志のテーマ 小池玉緒 for some time now: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfBDrwMFtjA

Anything you can do to help would be most appreciated. Thanks!!

ECno8 said...

yeah... unfortunately i can't read japanese.. much to my chagrin.. and it seems most japanese record shops wont ship over seas.. so i'm stuck trolling places like ebay and gemm and good ol' trusty blogs. really truly can't wait for more of your collection. its like christmas every time!

c.patera said...

well, I will be posting some more Yasuaki Shimizu stuff as well as some Mariah records. but similar to that... hmm, there are a few proggier things in my collection, like Chakra, etc... we'll see. my main interest is mostly in synth-centric underground avant-wave stuff, so i usually only buy the prog or fusion when it collides with that.
as for Tamao Koike and techno-kayou stuff, i have a little bit. i didn't really imagine there would be so much interest in those things, actually. i'll post some stuff eventually!

keep at it. actually, there's some really great japanese stuff on ebay right now!

Ryan said...

Thanks, C Patera. I don't mean to hijack this post and make it about something other than the Pablo PIcasso record, but I but I bought Utakata no Hibi from a tiny, 2nd floor back ally record shop in Shijuku in 2008 after hearing one of the songs. It's been my favorite record ever since. I'm not in Japan in anymore so it's difficult to delve too much deeper, but something about its odd pop appeal, its gorgeous sound pallet and its heavily atmospheric approach leave me wanting to hear more. I love the heavy use of what sounds like bamboo marimbas, mbira sounds, the use of delay. It took me a long time to even begin to understand what they were doing. It's perfect.

As for the Tamao Koike song, I don't even know if there's anything else she's done that I like, but that song is also absolute perfection.

I like what you're posting. I'll be checking back.