Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zombie Project - Hispaniola 7" flexi (self-released, 1983)

I was just about to rip this for you guys when I noticed it was up on the massive Voodoo Vault blog, so thank them for the actual rip. Super-baffling stuff here from this ultra-mysterious and for some reason Hispaniola-themed project. Haiti is an ultra-minimal piece -- sounds like an oscillator and an electric guitar played like a percussion instrument. The only thing I might be able to compare it to would be that ultra-primitive track by Tolcaderro on the Green Cassette I shared, or Tolerance's Today's Thrill. Dominica is markedly different. Fantastic lo-fi electro-wave with discordant pianos and synthesizer wheeze... even a hint of acid-house squelch. This is one of my favorite flexis!

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