Friday, November 23, 2012

V/A - ○△□ LP (Pafe, 1981)

Side A
Pale Cocoon - おーちゃくの予習 ~ Physician Of The Hospital
Pale Cocoon - パラドックス
Virgin-Mayonnaise - 瞬間の接続
Virgin-Mayonnaise - ショーウィンドウの地平線
V-Packs - フルーツ・パーラー
Green Kikaku - 天国ストリップ
Green Kikaku - 異端派・エセ・ウノンテ
Green Kikaku - ジェラシー

Side B
Shokkaku Shounen - 登校行進曲
Shokkaku Shounen - 星空のしゃぼん玉
Shokkaku Shounen - 映画少年
Curriculum Machine - Mogura
Curriculum Machine - Ringo 追分
Funx -  伊号24番
Funx - 伊号32番 
Funx - 呂号9番

Here's the first LP from the beloved Pafe label, home of SD favorites Pale Cocoon and Funeral Party. Pale Cocoon provide, rather unsurprisingly, the best tracks, but the whole comp is worth checking out if only for the complete obscurity of the other bands. Besides Pale Cocoon, Funx is the only band to have (to my knowledge) released another record.

A few notes: I've translated all of the band names into English, although they don't all appear that way on the liner notes. Many of the names are transliterations of English anyway, so it's a bit strange that they weren't translated in the first place. Also, separating the tracks on the b-side was very confusing. The liner notes list three Shokkaku Shounen songs, but it sounds like there are far more than that. I've separated them here based on the length of the silences between them. 


nattliga_toner said...

Cool, but pretty uneven comp. PALE COCOON of course takes the cake, but I kinda like the FUNX tracks as well (supposedly FUNX still do live shows to this day!). The FUNX EP is pretty decent as well. Oh, also, the first Virgin-Mayonnaise track with all the organ sounds & stuff is pretty neat too!

Supposedly the Pafe label started out in Toyama and then moved operations to Tokyo, so maybe the other bands featured here were some random groups just playing lives in Toyama?

Anonymous said...

could ya pleez re-up ?!?!