Tuesday, September 7, 2010

PTA's - Tiger / Fukumen Toshi 7" (Cragale, 1986)


Side A
Side B
Fukumen Toshi
Released on Cragale in 1986, this is (as far as I know) the last PTA's release. Some of the same rollicking post-punk present on "New Songs" is here, though very much "reigned in" after having 5 years to become instrumentally proficient. Not such a good thing though, as I found their meandering, one-note strategies to be the totality of their charm, but the good isn't completely gone. The call and response elements of "Tiger" are fun, and the admittedly Edge-like guitarisms of "Fukumen Toshi" paired up with some archetypal Japanese melodies works for me in doses. Worth checking out, though possibly past it's prime.


Anonymous said...

Im a really liking the direction of this blog, some very nice stuff so far.
I have a request (that i bothered your friend on Habit Of Sex with as well) Do you have any stuff by Momoyo (solo stuff on his label Tea Ceremony Records)


Its becoming a bit of a white whale for me! Thanks for everything

c.patera said...

I mentioned in my post on Habit of Sex that I would be filling a certain commentor's request. That commentor would be you!
I'll be posting ALL THREE of the Tea Ceremony singles over there soon (next few weeks), so keep an eye out.
Til then,

Anonymous said...

! Thank you!!!!
ah man fantastic!

Bounce said...

Mr Anonymous : those Momoyo solo records have just been reissued by the diskunion label "super fuji" on Cd, part of their (fucking great) telegraph reissue campaign, you can order the cd here : http://www.hmv.co.jp/en/product/detail/3877876

I'm pretty sure you won't be disapointed at all as this stuff is one of the best music I've heard in a while.....in fact one the best music I've EVER heard.
Breathtaking sounds, for sure.

c.patera said...

Thanks for the info. I didn't know about those Telegraph reissues either! Looks like some really great stuff is out so far, hopefully there's more to come...