Sunday, September 5, 2010

P.T.A's - New Songs 7" flexi (Cragale, 1981)


Side A
Nagai Owakare

Side B
3 - K

Here's the first release from this gender-balanced group on the excellent and diverse Cragale imprint. Skeletal and motorik post-punk grooves with eerie, wispy melodies above and woozy abstract rustlings threatening to blow the supports. Sinister, edge-of-your-seat stuff -- and their best recording, I say!

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I don't know if someone's still taking care of this blog but anyway & first of all - big thanks! ;)

It seems it's not easy to find infos about this band PTA's. Discogs have 4 singles/EPs but it's obvious that one is missing since the band themselves counted their releases in the sleeves (in English). In rateyourmusic there's a fith one supposed to be titled 'Learning guidance plan' from 1981 and with cat. number "PLM 004". Combining the data the only other interesting result I had was an auction site that calls the single the first one of PTA's (so 'New songs' would be the second?) dating it in 1980. The label would be 'Yokohama City' and the songs included: 学習指導案 / 牧場の小馬. Link to the source:

Thanks and saludos!

Fernando :)