Monday, November 29, 2010

ミン&クリナメン - 世界によろしく 7" EP (Nagomu, 1987)


Side A
[Japanese Title]

Side B
[Japanese Title] I
[Japanese Title] II

More wackiness from the Nagomu label, this time from female-fronted group Min & Kurinamen. A-side is a high-energy speed-punk track tailor-made for bouncing off the walls, replete with background vocals, an over-the-top guitar solo, and more generally ridiculous elements. Side B... surprise free-jazz! Which leads into a rollicking jazz-punk tune. Fun stuff. Enjoy!


Thomas Kyhn said...

This is great! You wouldn't by any chance have more ミン&クリナメン ?
All the best!

Thomas Kyhn said...
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c.patera said...


Ummmm... maybe on a compilation or something! I'll check...


Jun said...

Thanks for a great record! [Japanese title] II is actually a version of France Gall's 1965 Eurovision Song Contest winner "Poupée de cire, poupée de son"(m/l by Serge Gainsbourg).