Monday, November 1, 2010

Picky Picnic - Lovely Water Peaceful 7" flexi (Nagomu, 1986)


Side A
Lovely Water Peaceful

Side B
Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By

More insanity from Picky Picnic, one of the best bands ever.
Like Cynical Hysteria World, this release features the artistic and musical talents of famed animator Kiriko Kubo - a perfect match for Picky Picnic. Her influence seems to temper the group slightly, but they're still unquestionably idiotic here, as evidenced by the completely a cappella Martin Denny parody Blue Mountain 500 Miles Goes By.


Anonymous said...

oh thanks :) picky picnick is so damn cool
could i request something? i would love to listen more madame edwarda than the few songs spread on internet... if you guys can somehow get it, please think carefully about posting, something like their LP ( a bit expensive to me T-T considering shipping costs et cetera) ...thanks and keep this great job!!!

c.patera said...

hmmm... I don't have any Madame Edwarda. Maybe nattliga_toner over at Habit of Sex ( has some?

nattliga_toner said...

Sorry, haven't got any Madame Edwarda (apart from the tracks on V/A - "Toki no Souretsu", but those are already all over the web).

I'd agree that the price for that particular copy may be a little high considering the back is stained, but it's not _that_ bad. These records do cost a little dough - both myself and c.patera work pretty hard to be able to build up our collections, it's not like the stuff we've been putting up is handed to us for free.

Anonymous said...

...if i understand/translated correctly the auction over there,
it's about 34 euros,ie.certainly not that bad...
especially when considering that on Discogs it's currently for 65 euros...