Monday, April 2, 2012

NON baNd - s/t 10" (Telegraph, 1982)

Side A
Duncan Dancin'
Wild Child (Can't Stand It)

Side B
Dance Song
あわのうた~Bap Pang

Fun and funky new-wave/no-wave duo. They're still around if I'm not mistaken!


Anonymous said...

thanks, i've heard duncan dancin' on compilations, but haven't ever been able to track down anything else by them

Loser Knife said...

yesssss. this was the soundtrack to my summer last year. absolutely incredible.

BLaine G said...

this is a stunning record. i cant seem to figure out where most of the japanese get their creative energy from. one of the best records from japan!
by the way, do you have anything from goth band Zarathustra? i know habit of sex has their first EP but i would also like to hear their first (and only?) LP. AND, i would love to have Sarasvatis first 12" on mp3. i have it on vinyl but its displaced somewhere. keep up the very interesting work of this blog.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, PLEASE; PLEASE reaupload this wonderful album, I beseech!
I know it's a very critical time for the big loss of all for the embargo on Megaupload and I truly respect the wonderful work accomplished in this blog, greetings from México.

Eline said...

aw i'd loved to have this reuploaded as well