Monday, April 2, 2012

sh - 深き森から 7" (Zero, 1983)

Very strange and haunting 7" from the quite reliable Zero label. This may be the first appearance of Kumiko Suyama, whose songs on international compilations such as SNX and Assemblée Générale 5 have piqued the interests of a few blog-dwellers. Save for the piano on side b, this 7" is somewhat far removed from her other work, which, while not 'upbeat' per se, is typically more folksy and pastoral. The dark, icy atmosphere and Phew-like incantations may be explained by liner notes: "Inspired by John Duncan".


G said...

The A side sounds like someone singing along to that buzz of cicadas that you hear in Tokyo all the summer. Unique and, I reckon, pretty wonderful. Thanks for posting it.

G said...

I keep meaning to ask if you've ever got anywhere with your stated mission of "Stalking" Duppi.

I have a flexi by her (it's a "her", right, and not a "them"?) I also have a compilation called NG II with one more track, but I've never managed to discover any concrete facts about her. Was she in a band? Is there more to hear?

Anonymous said...


maybe the best thing yet (among many) i've found on yer blog.

would love to hear her 86 LP "Yume no Hajimari" !! currently nowhere to be found, except for the (tempting) full LP art on discogs.

Many thanks


c.patera said...


I do have that LP... I'll have to post it when I can...