Monday, April 2, 2012

P.T.A's - Young Vernacular 10" (Cragale, 1984)

Side A
Takin' My Vice

Side B
To and Fro

Here's P.T.A's 3rd release on Cragale. Far more similar to the mid-80's new-wave rock sound on Tiger / Fukumen Toshi than the brittle krautpunk of their first 7", but still pretty fun.
I promised I'd post this for a reader... ages ago! Hope it's everything you dreamed.


Anonymous said...

this is great, i like the PTA's stuff no matter how cheesy. Didn't notice until now that the Lewisite singles were also on Cragale, i'm checking out the other stuff from Cragale on mutant sounds now. are you familiar with anything else on the label?

(puckage rip coming soon)

c.patera said...


Glad you like it! I have a number of things on Cragale, and I like every single one of them. That label is up there with Telegraph and LLE in trustworthiness, though Cragale has a more consistent sound (usually avant-y post-punk stuff).


ECno8 said...

excellent. i'm on the lookout for cragale stuff recently too after spending some time listening to pta's & lewisite. can't wait for more stuff to surface! great work as always. much appreciated and admired.