Monday, April 2, 2012

Panasist - Hoshizora No Panasist / Dummy Robot 7" (Epic, 1980)

Indefatigable electro-doink-pop with heavy Famicom vibes. Very high in my personal canon.


ECno8 said...

:) wooooooooooooooooo!!!

c.patera said...

Hope you like it, though I assume you are already familiar with it from Youtube. I'll try to get their other 7" up soon. Don't get too excited though, it's not as good. Not even especially similar, if I remember correctly...


ECno8 said...

yeah, this record is so awesome. regardless of whether it is as good or not, the other one would be supremely awesome to check out. super appreciated!

Thomas Kyhn said...


RickK said...

I love this blog. any chance of more chance operation? would love to hear later material

Anonymous said...

Great post, I've been looking for this record for a while. Do you happen to have this flexi too?

Thanks in advance!

` said...

Do you happen to have Naoki Zushi's album Paradise?

c.patera said...

2 most recent commentors:

Sorry, but I don't have those!


the saucer people said...

I knew this was going to be something special when I saw the words - "Very high in my personal canon." - but hell, I never imagined it was going to be this deliriously fine! it just gets better and better and by the time the deranged whistling and knob-twiddling kicks in near the end of Dummy Robot, I was forever smitten - so much so I checked the price out on Discogs! (I was expecting to see it a little cheaper than £38 as it was on a major label - but at least it isn't Vanity Records prices!).

I was trying to find out if anyone had posted their other single on You Tube - could not find it, but I did stumble across a re-union gig from 2012 (unless they never split that is) - it is a great performance, enhanced by the co-ordinated clapping from the crowd!

Hope you are well, I know you haven't posted for a while, but I hope unlike Kiwi-Dodo, you don't close up shop as I don't think there are any other blogs around that focus on Japanese underground/obscure/experimental music anymore, sadly (even the mighty Atlantis Audio Archive has not been posting for ages.)

It is so good you chose Mediafire as the releases are too obscure to even come across the radar of the copyright cops (well for the moment!

Many thanks again

c.patera said...

Many thanks for the kind words. I'm glad you enjoy the blog.
If you are interested in owning the Panasist stuff, my copies of both of their singles are on Discogs at the moment!

I am doing well, but I've found that my taste has undergone a big shift and I have less interest and time to post anything on this blog. I've posted many of the best things I owned that weren't already available on other blogs, but there are still a few things in my collection that made the cut during a recent massive purge. I might upload them along with some other things which others have alerted me have expired on various other blogs. Vanity things and such.

I am quite glad that all of my posts are still up via Mediafire. I was on Megaupload previously... when that went down it was so disheartening. I was lucky to not have so many posts that I couldn't recover. It really was a big blow to everyone, though.