Monday, April 2, 2012

Commune - Will/I Can't Believe 7" (Autonomy, 1979)

Side A

Side B
I Can't Believe

Skritch-scratchy post-punk trio from Osaka, 2 members of which would later form Aunt Sally with vocalist Phew. Pretty fun single with punk-funk rhythms and constipated vocals (thanks to nattliga_toner for that apt description).


ECno8 said...

oh, by the way, nattliga toner just mention on my wantlist that you may have a copy of the pianasist single.. if that's the case i would humbly like to make a request for that. i do believe the quote on my want list is "i will kill babies for this". so.. yeah. here's to hoping!

c.patera said...

Yes, I have both Panasist singles. I'll post some stuff by them soon!


ECno8 said...

*droooooooooool* i didn't even know they had TWO. just saw the one on ebay a month or so ago but it went for more than i could spare at the time. that was the first i had heard of them. soooo good

Anonymous said...

"2 members of which would later form Aunt Sally with vocalist Phew..." Later? Don't think so. Bassist Yoshio Nakaoka played in Aunt Sally's LP recorded in early '79 and was still playing with them in september (check the A.S. live CD). Drummer Takashi Maruyama was in A.S. at least already in november 1978 and left somewhere after April '79. So that this single would be a parallel adventure or maybe it was recorded after Aunt Sally's disband, but in any case it was never BEFORE Aunt Sally was created, that's for sure.

By the way, domo arigato for the single!! :D


Fernando :)