Sunday, April 1, 2012

Noise - 天皇 LP (ALM, 1980)

Side A
死 (Der Tod)
水 (Wasser)

Side B
地球は青い (Die Erde Ist Blau)
天皇 (Tenno)
羊 (Schaf)

Legandary first recording of Tori and Reiko Kudo of Maher Shalal Hash Baz fame. The off-kilter methodology and stumbling attitude is still present, but here it's drenched in an abrasive and tape-hissy miasma. Somewhere between Suicide and Nico?


Dylan said...

goddamn thank you so much ! :^)

Bryan McCall said...

Excellent! Never heard of this one.

ECno8 said...

so delicious

Gregory Joseph said...

Beautiful... been looking for this. Any chance for the 天皇/Emperor album?

c.patera said...

Gregory Joseph,

That's the same album as this one. One of the reissues has a different cover.
天皇 = Tenno = Emperor


Gregory Joseph said...

Oh, duh. Wish I'd actually listened to the album first before leaving that ignorant comment!

Murky Recess said...

In love with this record. Thanks for posting it. Anything from Org Records is a treature.

Unknown said...

wowowow! thanks for this. Love this thing you got going on here!