Monday, April 2, 2012

Takami - ー天使行ーY. De Noir Ⅱ LP (LLE, 1983)

Side A

Side B
天使行 Ⅱ

Super zonked out and mind-warping expedition from the duo of cosmic chanteuse Takami and post-kosmische explorer Pneuma. Pretty wild stuff, with some of the longer tracks consisting solely of Takami's baleful moans. Other bits sound sort of Nico-ish and medieval.


Anonymous said...

true to your word! thanks for this, really looking forward to hearing it...

oh, and yes, i found some stuff i like. particularly NON baNd.


Anonymous said...

yeah, like it a lot. was all built up for disappointment but its actually pretty damn good. totally inappropriate cover for such a dark and eerie record though.

now to track down the vinyl...

thanks again.

soundhead said...


This is Shane, came in the shop the other day.

Checked out Mask Of The Imperial Family.. killer. Thx for the recommendation.

Awesome blog

c.patera said...

Glad you enjoy it. It's really out-there isn't it?
I've seen it on ebay a few times, and it's never gone for very much money... hopefully my posting hasn't changed that for you...


c.patera said...


It was great to meet you guys. Hopefully we'll run into each other again.

Glad you liked THE MASK OF THE IMPERIAL FAMILY. He put out a 7" too that is ultra-obscure. Not many know that it exists. If things go right, I'll have that posted to the blog soon...
Oh yeah, since you liked that, check out "Pieces" by JUKE/19. It's eerily similar at times, and nothing like the other JUKE/19 albums (which are also incredible).

bis später

øשlqæda said...

you're blog is quite astounding, friend. chock fulla actual, legitimate, impossibly rare & pearlesque booty. this is a fine recording indeed. i recently lost a bid on their second album, which i understand is more gothily gauzy. never have heard it tho. perhaps you'll drop it someday if you're holdin. i just found ya, so kindly forgive my insolence, but would you happen to have that archival pneuma 'psychabuse' joint of spacesynth noodles on the marquee/belle antique imprint? also been waiting to hear any funeral party or even that yellow bellied, yellow-covered 'no shibuya: electro, dub & breaks' comp, if only fer the rare performances. in case you're interested, i'm hosting two trembling strain albums here. links in comments. thanks fer reading & hearts thx + praise fer this gem of a blob ya got here

c.patera said...


I do hope to post more from Takami. I do have "Psychabuse" and "No Shibuya"... but I haven't shared them because I'm not sure if they are still in print or now. I think you might still be able to buy both new from distros. If I'm proven wrong, I'll certainly post them. I think I have downloaded 1 Trembling Strain album from your blog before! I'll grab the other one soon.

Thanks for reading,


øשlqæda said...

yea kid, i hope the stars align & we can see their Yume no Kirigishi show up here. no worries on the rest, i understand & suppose owl just hafta wait fer the pneuma ish. seems like forced exposure has a copy $18. ya reckon it's worth a purchase? paz

Anonymous said...

Forced Exposure have had that Pneuma cd listed for ages as out of stock... I've been waiting for them to get it in again for a very long time. Safe to say it's out of print?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure where my previous comment went - a few weeks ago I posted about this, to say that Forced Exposure has had that listed for years, but it has also been out of stock that whole time, otherwise I would have bought it. This cd appears to be well and truly out of print... Please share!

c.patera said...

Sorry for ignoring your comments for so long!
I'll check my collection and see if I still have the Pneuma stuff. Keep an eye out.